1: Example Getting to know Myself

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Dear Teachers,

It is with great satisfaction that we offer you this first book of the Alive to the World® series, which is based on research that reveals that healthy relationships education must start very early.

You are our favourite people, doing the world’s most important job: giving a start in social life to the future citizens of this country!

As you prepare to start teaching with Alive to the World, I would like to say just a few things. This programme has been prepared to help the girls and boys that will be using it to gradually and logically understand the world around them, their place within it and how best to deal with the myriad varied situations they will discover as they grow up.

The programme, although it deals with values, virtues and personal relationships, is not a religious programme. It is entirely based upon sound anthropology and the latest in brain science. For boys and girls to capture, and make their own, the concepts and skills of integrity and successful living, it is important to comply with the “windows of opportunity” which their natural development affords.

Just as languages are learnt with great ease at certain ages, and become nigh impossible later, so too the skills of life have ages when they are easy to learn if well taught.

And so the neural connections of veracity, orderliness, perseverance, responsibility and the other values all have their moment in the building of a strong and sound character.

We have prepared these Guides very carefully to make it as effortless as possible for you to get the most out of the simple story in the Student Text. We have provided a variety of activities and discussion points we think will interest your classroom, or at least give you ideas, but of course, they are only examples; your experience and knowledge of your pupils will decide how to use the book.

My team and I wish you every success,
Christine de Marcellus Vollmer