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Creating a space where children think creatively and learn from each other

Personal education is not an academic subject and it is best taught with distinct tools. By using the simple technique of reading a story together, Alive to the World creates a space where children think creatively and learn from each other. Children dislike being told what to believe and how to behave and will often react against lessons they consider bossy or dull. Winning their enjoyment allows the teacher to steer rather than dominate the class.

Imagination is a powerful educational tool

The main characters in Alive to the World are of a similar age to the children in the classroom, making it easy for the children to enter into the stories.  Attention is focused on how Charlie, Alice and their friends have responded to this week’s circumstances and what other choices they might have had. Even pupils known for their poor concentration regularly take a lively part in the discussion which follows.

Full range of teaching methods

Teaching follows the method Know, Accept, Do. The theme for the class is presented through the story, discussion follows and is reinforced through a range of activities (role plays, artwork, games, singing) which help the pupils make the topic their own. The class ends with reflection and an idea or resolution which the children can work with at home. Full teacher guides explain the science behind each chapter.

The first three books (Years 1-3) are in Big Book format with accompanying electronic teacher guides; the books for years 4 – 8 UK are designed as class sets with hard copy teacher guides.

The books can also be used as library readers or for assembly work.

The programme brings alive the values and good things of the world

“The programme does exactly what it says: it brings alive the values and good things of the world so that, little by little in one scenario after another, the children learn to want what is good and to make that extra effort to attain it. The teachers enjoy using the books and most importantly the children do too. I recommend them to other schools and to parents.”

Mrs Stephanie Bell MA (Oxon)Retired Headmistress, Surrey, England
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