Book 2 – Happy and Healthy


Happy and Healthy follows Charlie and Alice as they settle into a new class with an unfamiliar teacher, make new friends and take greater responsibility for themselves and their possessions.

The readers are encouraged to analyse how they, too, might react in given situations, helping them to be aware of their feelings and to master the negative for the positive.

Generosity is emphasised all the way through, together with responsibility and respect for other people, their property, and for the rules which govern healthy social behaviour.

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The learning Framework for Book 2 – Happy and Healthy

Unit 1 Getting to know myself

  • I can name and describe feelings, such as joy, sadness, confidence, fear and anger.
  • I can explain and understand that I am loved and important.
  • I can explain how to look after myself.

Unit 2 Fitting in with those around me

  • I can explain why I am important.
  • I can explain why other people are important, too.
  • I can list and explain rules that help us get along with others at school and at home.

Unit 3 Together, life is beautiful!

  • I can name and describe all the people who look after me at school.
  • I can explain how I can be helpful at school and at home.


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978 085244 957 8

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