Year 3 – Growing Together


In Growing Together, Charlie and Alice learn that listening does not mean waiting to speak, that light-hearted fun can be hurtful to someone else, and that saying sorry strengthens relationships. They recognise jealousy as a natural emotion which can be mastered in many ways, including taking pride in others’ achievements. There is general emphasis on looking out for other people and learning how to respond to emotional cues. Each chapter is connected in the teacher guide with some aspect of using electronic devices wisely and the last chapter of the book is dedicated to this subject.

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The learning Framework for Growing Together 

Unit 1 Listening and Responding

  • The first day of term
  • The register
  • The football match
  • The card game
  • Making up

Unit 2 Taking part

  • The art competition
  • The castle
  • Quiet please
  • Alone but not lonely

Unit 3 My friends

  • Invitation to the party
  • “Look at us!”
  • A difficult decision

Unit 4 Looking after myself

  • It’s time to eat
  • A visit from the dentist
  • Keeping to the rules

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15 chapters


978 0 85244 958 5


Paul Yanque

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