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Our Philosophy

Bringing to life the integrity of the human being at the physical, psychological and spiritual levels

Enthusing children with their own potential is intrinsic to education. It applies to all aspects of life, in the classroom, in the arts or on the sports field. Children flourish when they have a sense of purpose, are at ease with themselves and get on with other people.

“Emotional intelligence”

Understanding and being able to manage emotions is usually referred to as “emotional intelligence” and this has always been a role of schools: to help socialise children and awaken them to the broader world.  Relationships Education, with its broader background in Personal, Social and Health Education, gives this focus, and helps children and adolescents to better understand themselves, the situations they confront and the people around them.

Our programme does this by helping them to integrate the 3 levels of the person:

  • the spiritual (the intelligence and the will),
  • the emotional (impulses and sentiments),
  • the corporal (where effective action takes place).

In this way, students become masters of their choices, leading them to fulfillment and preparing them well for adulthood.

By using the storytelling technique, Alive to the World captures pupils’ innate desire to do the right thing and aim for success.

To be effective, it has to be fun. At Alive to the World we have been putting this into practice for years.

Reflecting on situations

Alive to the World uses storytelling to capture children’s desire for success. Charlie and Alice grow up year by year alongside those in the classroom. Children quickly recognise themselves in the stories. At the same time, they are drawn into a range of typical situations which develop their judgment on how to respond appropriately in thought, word and action. We keep to age-appropriate topics to retain young people’s interest and provide them with a solid foundation for their developing personalities.

The books are based on extensive scientific and sociological research and emphasise the importance of strong family relationships. The programme is built upon the universal human values which are recognized in all cultures and so fit easily into faith as well as secular schools. Pupil books are accompanied by full teacher guides.

Fundamental human values

“The modern world in which we live creates more opportunities than ever to explore the world but fewer to explore relationships. As a result, children not only lack some interpersonal skills that previous generations took for granted, but they also do not realise the impact of their behaviour on others.
Alive to the World teaches about relationships what children used to absorb by osmosis, in a charming and child-friendly way that is accessible for all children whatever their background. This part of their education has become essential and will enable the next generation to learn, practise and retain these lessons for life that represent fundamental human values.”

Judith NemethExecutive Director, Values Foundation
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