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Complementing your role as the first educator

Alive to the World seeks to complement the role of parents and carers as the first educators of their children, most especially in everything which touches relationships and social skills. Throughout the programme, children will be taught to respect their family members and the values and traditions which are passed down in the home.

How to become involved

Parents and carers are warmly encouraged to take an active interest in what is being taught. It is suggested that they look at the books at school and help their children with the exercises which complete each chapter. These simple activities help parents and children talk regularly together at a more intimate level, developing a trust that makes it easier to communicate as the children go through their teens.

Under the Books tab, click on the appropriate book for a description of its contents, sample pages, and a PDF of the exercises. Whether or not these are carried out at school, family members can always go through them again. Some families like to have copies of the books at home.

Sex education and supporting the parents’ role

Parents are especially encouraged to take the lead in their children’s sex education.  Sexuality Explained: a Guide for Parents and Children has been written to complement Alive to the World and is a recommended aid. It can also be used for older children at school. Parents gain a lot from supporting each other and sharing ideas about speaking to their children. School workshops or informal house groups are warmly recommended.

Alive to the World is very appropriate for home schooling.

The programme brings alive the values and good things of the world

“Being a devout Muslim from the teaching profession, I am increasingly worried about the lack of compassion and empathy the children of today are displaying. It is evident even from the classroom that our youth are becoming more and more detached from humanity in their thinking due to a lack of social interaction. So, I was extremely excited to discover the Alive to the World curriculum which I feel not only develops emotional intelligence but also aides in nurturing a child towards being a responsible, respectful and regardful individual. I would highly recommend this curriculum and am using it with my own children who are not only loving it, but are showing great progression.”

Rizwana HussainScience, Maths, Lifeskills and Islamic/Religious Studies teacher
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