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Useful websites for support and advice

The below are offered as suggestions. Alive to the World has no responsibility for their content.

Protect Young Minds Full website with many useful tips and resources for both parents and teachers on cyber bullying, pornography and internet addiction.

How to Talk to Kids About Porn Parenting consultant Nicholeen Peck gives advice on how to approach the subject before or after a child becomes involved. 13 minutes. Designed for parents; useful for teachers.

Sexting, Pornography and the Adolescent Brain complete lesson plan with PowerPoint slides from the Reward Foundation (free with donation invited).
This is really designed for secondary schools but could be adapted for younger children.

The Science of Pornography Addiction Jonathan Doyle explains what happens to the brain. 19 minutes.

RSE – Get it right! Supports parents, schools and local authorities in England who want to prioritise safeguarding children’s best interests within RSE. Explains schools’ and parents’ rights and responsibilities in simple language with ready access to the latest documents.

The Christian Institute’s Relationships and Sex Education: A guide for Christian parents in England(and any other concerned parents). A well-constructed and easy to read guide which sets out the content of RSE, how schools may respond, and the rights of parents. Published September 2020.

ParentPower A group of parents and educators who support each other in safeguarding children and protecting parents’ rights to educate their children according to their own beliefs and values.

Family Education Trust Independent trust which researches the causes and consequences of family breakdown, produces educational materials and online resources for schools, campaigns to influence public policy and the media, and supports families, teachers and school governors. Publishes a regular bulletin and is a useful source of advice, books and leaflets.

Family Development Foundation Offers courses in which groups of parents get together on a regular basis to discuss a series of guided case studies. The friendships this sparks helps the group to laugh and learn from each other. Most importantly, the individual couples have to work out between them how they would respond to a given situation, which can reveal stark differences between the father and mother. Resolving this helps the couple know each other as well as to become more united and loving parents to their children.

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