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Opening children’s eyes to the world we share

Launched in 2020 to help schools meet Government guidance and the critical early years learning we are proud to now offer three extra books to the Alive to the World Series.  The first three books in the series are designed to be held and read out by the teacher (one needed per class). These are accompanied by full electronic teacher guides. The next five books, beginning with We are a Team, are designed to be held and read out by the children. Class sets are available at reduced prices. Full teacher guides are in hard copy.

In addition to providing materials for a school curriculum in relationships and personal, social and health education (PSHE), the books can be enjoyed at home, as school readers, for home schooling or as a basis for assembly work.

Choosing your books

It is recommended that teachers look at the topics covered in each book to decide which ones to use and when to start (Reception or Year 1). Schools vary widely in their intakes, which is why a two-year age range is indicated for each book.  Friends! and Changes and Challenges, for instance, cover various adolescent topics which schools might want to include in primary school.

Click on each book icon for:

  • Sample chapters (student and teacher guide)
  • PDFs of class/home exercises
  • Subject frameworks for each book as a teacher planner
  • Evaluation forms to assess pupil progress at the start and end of each year (later years only).

Increased need for good resources

“With a renewed emphasis on Relationships Education in schools in both England and Wales comes an increased need for good resources. We are delighted that the new UK Books 1-3 from Gracewing will provide much needed foundations for this subject.”

Rev Dr Bernard SixtusDirector of Religious Education (schools), Archdiocese of Cardiff

The Student Books

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