Year 4 – We are a Team


Recommended for children aged 7-9

In We are a Team, Charlie and Alice are surprised to be told that sport is as important to their schooling as academic study. They discover that games have played a formative role in every society.

The cousins also find out, through the guidance of their PE teacher and from their own experience on the playing field, that the fun of sport rests on everybody following the rules, training, acting as a team and being prepared to lose well as well as to win.

All these and other qualities, such as perseverance, self-control, respect, truthfulness, magnanimity and obedience, apply not only to sport but to all aspects of life, in the home, at school and in every community where people live and work alongside each other.

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35 chapters


978 085244 714 7

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Learning Framework

The learning Framework for We are a Team

Unit I: Understanding Sport

  • Sport and Why We Like It
  • People, Games and Sport
  • Rules of the Game
  • Playing Your Position
  • The Team Captain
  • Competing Against Myself
  • Growing Through Sport
  • Good Athletes

Unit II: Learning to Win

  • Defeated, but Undaunted
  • Knowing My True Worth
  • The Big Winner!
  • The Poor Loser
  • The Losing Team
  • Team Spirit

Unit III: My Family is a Great Team

  • My Most Important Team
  • Captain of the Home Team
  • No Rules!
  • My Family, a Winning Team

Unit IV: My School is Another Great Team

  • My Classroom Team
  • The Truth Will Out
  • Making Things Happen!
  • My School, a Winning Team

Unit V: My Community Team

  • Playing My Part
  • Smart? Or a Wise Guy?
  • My Country
  • My Friends
  • My Team of Friends

Unit VI: Seeing Teamwork in Nature 

  • Part of Nature’s Team
  • The Mystery of Genetic Inheritance
  • Who I Am
  • Different But Equal
  • It’s Great to Be Me!

Unit VII: Rights and Duties

  • We All Have Rights
  • We All Have Duties
  • Health: A Right and a Duty

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