Year 6 – Different and Complementary


In Different and Complementary, Charlie, Alice and their classmates have their eyes opened at school to the cultural differences that exist in the world.

There are differences, too, between one person and another in the same neighbourhood and among their friends at school.

They discover that some differences are complementary, and it is these which help build the bonds of society, starting within the family.

There is a tension we all feel between wanting to belong and be accepted by others and wanting to be appreciated for our individuality.

The most puzzling differences are between the sexes, as the young students discover. They learn that, to live happily alongside other people, the key is to accept and respect themselves.

This book is recommended for children within the age range 9-11.

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The learning Framework for Different and Complementary

Unit I: The Richness of Diversity

  • A World Full of People
  • Different But Alike
  • The Goldmine
  • A Shrinking World

Unit II: Accepting Others

  • Oops
  • The Green-Eyed Monster
  • The Minx
  • The Longing for Belonging

Unit III: Authority and Leadership

  • “Count Me In!”
  • “Follow the Leader!”
  • Who I Am
  • Choosing to Be a Hero – Every Day
  • One-Eyed Jack

Unit IV: Real and Fake

  • Who Needs Beauty?
  • ‘The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth’
  • The Power of Truth
  • Ladies and Gentlemen

Unit V: The Fundamental Diversity: Men and Women

  • Who’s Better? Men or Women?
  • ‘Sugar and Spice’
  • ‘Frogs and Snails’
  • Men and Women: A Winning Team

Unit VI: Great Men and Women

  • Great Women in History
  • Great Men in History
  • Compliments and Complements
  • Famous Together
  • Famous Twosomes

Unit VII: The Human Couple

  • Marriage Around the World
  • ‘Baby’
  • Miraculous ‘Me’!
  • Our Triumphant Entry into the World

Unit VIII: Attaining Freedom

  • To Be Free
  • Working on Freedom
  • Using – And Being Used
  • My Time and My Life
  • Getting Where We Want to Be

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35 chapters


978 085244 704 8

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