Year 1 – Getting to Know Myself


Recommended for children aged 4-6

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In Getting to Know Myself, Charlie and Alice, the main characters, are starting school.

Young pupils associate easily with them as they settle into a new rhythm, make friends among their classmates, and find more being demanded of them both at school and at home.

Through the stories, children are encouraged to explore their personal identity, the meaning of responsibility, and the importance of respecting themselves, other people and the common rules that govern social behaviour.


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18 chapters


978 085244 956 1

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Vincent Lefebvre

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Unit framework

The learning Framework for Getting to Know Myself

Unit 1 It’s me!

  • I can explain and understand that I am unique.
  • I can explain my first and second name.
  • I can explain that my body is an important part of who I am.
  • I can understand that each person looks and behaves in different ways.

Unit 2 The world and me

  • I can explain why human beings are different from anything else in nature.
  • I can describe some of our important characteristics.
  • I can explain that this includes how we think and feel.

Unit 3 Myself and others

  • I can explain why I enjoy being with other people.
  • I can explain why I have responsibilities towards them
  • I can explain that each person is unique and important.
  • I can list ways in which I look after the things around me.

Unit 4 My Family

  • I can name and describe those close to me at home.
  • I can explain basic family relationships (grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles).
  • I can explain why my family are important to me.
  • I can explain ways in which I look after myself.

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