Teaching values for life and love

Alive to the World is a new programme of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) based on modern research which indicates that there are established patterns of behaviour which promote human well-being, and that these can be taught.

What you get and how it works

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  • Provides the material for a regular weekly class
  • Covers all the current government targets for PSHE and Citizenship Education
  • Student books are fully supported by teacher manuals
  • Can be used for whole class teaching, for circle time and for school assemblies
  • Can also be used within other subject areas and as reading books
  • Emphasises the importance of marriage and family
  • Is based on a series of engaging stories which put their message across in a non-judgmental way
  • Books are very suitable for use by parents at home and by home schoolers
  • The programme currently runs from ages 8-13.

The books are attractively illustrated and are popular with children.
Check out some sample chapters. You can also order inspection copies.

What Ofsted thinks about our programme

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A well developed personal social health and citizenship education programme provides all pupils with excellent, age appropriate guidance on social and health issues.... The excellent personal social, health and citizenship education programme challenges pupils to consider the circumstances of others including those less fortunate than themselves.

Ofsted Inspection Report for Westminster Cathedral Choir School*, 2011

*WCCS uses the Alive to the World programme

Around the world more than 90,000 students use Alive to the World, and the programme is officially recommended by the Brazilian Bishops Conference.

ICT resources

Alive to the World continues to be developed and will be supported by interactive computer programs for students and teachers.

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Alive to the World books

Sexuality Explained on MercatorNet

It works!

In just a year, the Alive to the World programme has become a fixture in our School life. The ease with which the themes encountered in the classroom can be taken up in form assemblies to the whole School has been especially useful. Besides this exchange of ideas across the whole School, we have also found that the programme communicates our ethos effectively to parents. We include the learning objectives in our weekly newsletter, so that parents can understand more clearly, and welcome, the values we try to communicate to our children.

Robert O’Brien, Head of PSHE, Westminster Cathedral Choir School

The Shrewsbury Catholic Voice

Article in The Shrewsbury Catholic Voice


Alive to the World on MercatorNet

I thought the Caring and Sharing book gives a real visual imagery of what your parents tell you but which you haven’t before been able to see. I also liked all the facts I learnt.

Daniel (aged 12)

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